Friday, October 7, 2011

Double Trouble

You guys, there's a new Simon's Cat video! And it's soooooo gooooood!!

If by some tragedy you haven't seen this whole hilarious series, go watch them all on Simon's channel here.

Sorry for the light posting of late, btw. This book tour is slowly killing me; we're mired in a last-minute scramble to reschedule a few stops, figure out how to fit 5 weeks' worth of show gear - including a full sound system - in a single SUV, and fighting some of my recurring health problems besides. Ironically, I expect I'll have more time to post when we're actually on the road!

Anyway, I'll be doing more quick links and updates on the Epbot FB page, if you start feeling any withdrawal pangs. Thanks for hanging with me!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Geek Chic Shopping

And just try to say that seventeen times fast.

Some fun stuff on my shopping radar this week:

Sent over by my friend Missy:

A ghost trap decal for your iPhone! $6 from Killer Duck Decals

Remember: when the light is green...!

Since I'm going to be in Canada in November, I'm thinking one of these may be in order:

"Fluffy Kitty Happy Hoodie" $48 from Shana Logic

It's a bit anime geeky, right? Sooo cute.

You all know of my fascination with book purses, so naturally I'm all agog over RECORD purses:

Submitted by Nemmy; From Cover to Cover Purses, $45.00

Genius! I especially like how they hinge the top of the record for the flap. There are lots of records to choose from, too, ranging from $45 to $55.

And for those of us who prefer to DIY, did you know you can buy the pattern to make that amazing Star Wars Quiet Book that went viral last week?

So. much. awesome.

$10 at Julie's Etsy store here gets you all the instructions and patterns. Nifty!

And for more inspiration, check out Julie's Star Trek quiet book! I think she's working on a pattern for that one, too. I don't even have kids, but I'm seriously feeling the need for her "Make Picard human again" page:

Picard in lil' red undies just made my day.

And here's some geeky shopping you can do for free: official Portal ringtones! My favorites are the Turret Wife Serenade and Science is Fun.

Of course, getting them onto your iPhone requires either an act of divine intervention or a tech-savvy husband, so prepare to get a bit stabby if you don't have either of those on hand. (Why must you make it so hard, Apple? WHYEEE?!)

The good news is I finally have a cool ringtone, though, so many thanks to Jess for the link!

What cool stuff is on your wishlist this week, guys?