Saturday, March 26, 2011

Megacon Cuties

It's going to take at least two more long posts to get all of today's photos up, but let's start with a few sure-fire crowd-pleasers: the kids.

I'll never get tired of Jawas and droids. Utini!

This little Quorra from Tron actually won the children's division in the costume contest:

Now brace yourself, 'cuz from here on out it's going to be completely AWWWW-full.

During the Trek panel, John grabbed my camera and took a few zoom pics - I assumed of the actors on stage. Turns out I was wrong; he was actually photographing this little beauty:


And the best part? She was wearing a pink Supergirl onesie.

Speaking of which, this two-year-old Supergirl had the entire room of hardened geeks tearing up:

This was her first con, and she climbed on stage for the costume contest all smiles and waving to the judges.

Then she noticed the audience:

She was so fascinated by the applause that her mom had to lead her off stage. Just adorable.

And finally, you know I saved the best for last. ;)

For every geek girl out there who was disappointed to learn the little Darth Vader in the VW commercial was a boy, this one's for you:

But wait, it gets better!

Wait'll you see her helmet:


Yep, she was a pink-trimmed bobble-head Vader.


More costume photos coming soon!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Megacon, Megacon, MEGAcon!!

Who's ready for fun costume pictures?!?

Let's get right to it; there will be plenty more tomorrow and Sunday.

Here's my first shot of the day:

As often as I've seen this costume, you'd think I would know who the bat girl character is. [hanging head in shame] Go ahead: deduct five (5) geek points from my account. I deserve it.

[Update: Apparently she's Morrigan from the game Dark Stalkers. Thx, commenters!]

These next two were soooo pretty:

[And these are Ciel and Sebastian from the anime Kuroshitsuji.]

Definitely the most beautiful couple there today. Sorry I couldn't fit the whole dress in the shot; it was super big and poofy.

I should mention there were lots of Anime costumes around, and I probably would have photographed more of them if I knew anything about Anime. As it stands, I just get the ones I can tell are great costumes regardless. Or stuff that looks pretty. :D

Out front was this guy and his replica Time Machine:

I should have stopped and chatted with him about it, but I was in a hurry to get inside the main hall. Maybe tomorrow.

Also outside was this giant pirate ship:

I don't really know why. But, hey, it looks nifty!

More costume goodies:

This guy was so enthusiastically polite when I asked to take his picture ("SURE!") that John and I couldn't stop giggling. I just love people at cons.

A pretty pair of princesses:

And if you can't tell which princess the blonde is, perhaps the back view will help:

Check out that wig! And it was too funny that she was brandishing a frying pan.

I have a soft spot for cyberpunk and rainbow goths, so these two made me grin:

The one on the left recognized us, too. Not from online, though; she just happens to be our favorite cashier at JoAnn's. Which I guess tells you how often we shop at JoAnn's. Ha!

And now, allow me to present a Klingon, on stilts, giving me the finger guns:

Hey, why not?

I was browsing one semi-crowded aisle when I spotted these two, cracked up, and begged for a picture:

Plants vs Zombies!! Check out that zombie costume, guys: PERFECTION. And crazy Dave with the pot helmet? C'mon. It just doesn't get much better than that.

This female Edward Scissorhands was at the con last year, too:

It's hard to see in this picture, but she had flesh-toned scar makeup all over her face, which looked fantastic.

An adorable Jack Skellington:

And I don't know which character this girl is, but can I just say, sha-ZAM!?

[General consensus is this is Samus from Metroid]

I had to do a double-take to make sure that suit wasn't body paint. John, meanwhile, was doing triple and quadruple takes, just to be reeelly sure.

This Big Daddy had a working drill arm:

I really like the lighting inside his helmet, too; it's extra dramatic when you can see his eyes.

I liked this lady Link so much I chased her down to get a full-length shot:

Seriously, how fabulous are her skirt and boots?

I'm not sure how you even begin to make a Master Chief costume, so I'm always impressed when I see one:

On our way out for the day, we noticed this pirate had managed to catch a pretty big fish:

We also noticed that Ariel wears a thong. Heh.

Oh, and of course you can't have a con without a Pimp Vader showing up:

Play on, Vada'.

And finally, my last shot of the day - which would also be my favorite, if it hadn't turned out so *$%#! blurry:

I caught these guys just as they were coming off the escalators. They immediately jumped into this pose for me like old pros. Love. It. So. Much. Curse you, blurriness! CURSE YOU.

We go back tomorrow for more, so stay tuned for rounds two and three!

Off to Megacon!

John and I are going to Megacon today! In fact, we should be there every afternoon this weekend, so if you live in Orlando and are planning on going, be sure to find us and say hi. (Message me on Twitter if you can't find us.) And for those of you who can't make it: Don't worry; I promise to have lots of photos for you next week. :D

Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nailed It

I only paint my nails a few times a year at most, but that doesn't stop me from a) amassing a whole drawer of rainbow colored polish, and b) drooling over photos like this:

By Foxy Grandpa, found via Craft:

Newsprint nails!

Perfect for grammar geeks, literature lovers, graphic designers - you name it.

The instructions are pretty simple, too: dip your (painted) nail in alcohol to wet it, and then press a piece of newspaper to your nail for 30 seconds. Next peel off the paper, top with a clear coat, and you're done.


Also, imagine this with lines of binary (all ones and zeroes). Wouldn't that be awesome?

So now I just have to find a newspaper that prints in binary. Hm...

What's the coolest nail art you've ever seen, guys?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The One Man Disney Movie

If you haven't seen Nick Pitera's new Disney medley yet, then get ready to have a big ol' pixie-dust sprinkled grin on your face for the next eight and a half minutes:

I laughed, I sighed, and I boogied around the office. Not sure you can ask more of a video than that.

You may have seen Nick sing before; the viral video of him singing Aladdin's "Whole New World" was everywhere at one time. If you *haven't* heard him before, though, then "be prepared" [heh] for a bit of a shock. And let me assure you: yes, that's really him singing. All of it. Honest.

For more, be sure to check out Nick's Youtube channel. Oh, and if you love Wicked as much as I do, don't miss Nick's version of "For Good" with Sam Tsui!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Red Pandas Are Made of CUTE

It started with this one:

Found via @urlesque

Then I couldn't stop lawwwing (that's laughing & 'awww' ing) at this little gymnast trying to get down from a branch:

[Turn down your sound; there's a siren in the background]

And finally, little Clay here munching on some grapes did me in:

No more! Please! I can take no more cute.

Well, ok, maybe I'll just watch this one one more time.

But that's IT.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Weddings: The Geek is in the Details

Ahh, it does my heart good to see fellow geeks getting married - and here in my home state of Florida, no less! Of course, my nefarious plan to actually be invited to one of these geeky cool weddings has yet to be realized, but for now I guess I can settle for awesome pictures.

So first, Christy and Michael had a Calvin & Hobbes-inspired engagement shoot, which was genius:

GENIUS, I say.

Then, for their actual wedding, they included these fabulous geeky details:

The rings.

The shoes.

(Mark my words: The second I get my own Deloreon time machine, I am going back in time and wearing knee socks and Chucks with my wedding dress. Pinky swear.)

The light saber entry into the reception.

Perhaps most unique of all were the comic book action figures the men wore in place of boutonnieres. Just look how snazzy Christy's dad is sporting Captain America on his lapel:

Michael, the groom, wore Batman. Of course.

And one more geeky detail you're going to love: after their traditional vows were complete, Michael and Christy had the officiant include a special "in the event of the Zombie Apocalypse..." set of vows. Yes, really.
Hey, Christy? Michael? I just want you to know: I make a mean batch of chocolate chip cupcakes. And we own the really *nice* DDR mats. Plus we make excellent Disney tour guides. So, our friends? Please?

All photos courtesy of Root Photography (hit the link to see more!), and a big thanks to Diane C. for this fabulous find.