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Art Attack: Double Takes!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's always fun when artists put a fresh spin on familiar characters. Check these out:

Snow White gets a more "historically accurate" dress makeover by shoomlah, who's also drawn Jasmine, Belle, and Ariel. Hit the link to see the others! [Found via @TheDisneyBlog]

How about a Victorian Mario?

Epbot reader Brandi spotted this one on artist Shane Parker's blog. Perfect for stereoscope viewing!

More Mario art, this time done in one of my favorite styles:

Art Nouveau! This is actually a sticker found by reader Holly K., but artist Megan Lara also has it available as a t-shirt, along with lots more geeky heroines (including The Guild's Codex!) drawn in the same style.

Another artist rockin' the geeky Art Nouveau is Bill Mudron, whose Amy Pond print went viral not too long ago. It's a gorgeous print, but I like *this* one even more:

Awwwesome. It's currently sold out at his store, but at only $20, I'd check back if I were you.

Gotta have a little cute in here:

Michelle V. sent these in - they're by ginormousrobot over on Etsy, and there are several more in the series. My favorite is R2 and C3PO in the sandbox; I knew R2 was a mischievous little imp!

Plus a little Ghosbusters!
I just bought this print (only $10!) not too long ago from Dave and Tracy, the artistic duo behind henNchicks. Isn't it a fun retro style? Plus, check out their Edward Scissorhands:


Also on Etsy is the Gorgonist, who has a fantastic "fancy dress" series I think you'll love:

Seriously: So. Fabulous. And I cannot tell you how tempted I am to make a Death Star cosplay dress based on that last painting - which is ironic since Robin, the artist, was inspired by people cosplaying in the first place. :) I think I'd wear it with the X-Wing hair piece, tho, and then have a light-up strip down the middle channel to highlight Luke's flight path. Eh? EH?

So, what geek art makes you smile? Share your links in the comments!

UPDATE: Oops, nearly forgot: artist James Hance of the adorable Wookiee the Chew fame is raising money for his daughter's medical expenses. So, if you're in need of any adorable Star Wars/Disney mash-up art, now's the time to buy!

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  1. I am so in love with all of these!! My fave is the first "fancy dress" pic. I makes me think of Rainbow Brite, and I love her so it gave me all sorts of warm fuzzies :)

  2. Just a note (in case no one else has mentioned it yet)-- James Hance's site has this note: "Hello! We've halted online print / book sales until the morning of
    Wednesday, May 11th to help get us up to date with existing orders.
    Thanks so much for your patience :)"

    So looks like ordering from there is out for at least a couple of weeks.

    Prayers to his family though...

  3. WANT DR. WHO POSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I just discovered that Etsy store yesterday and was planning on adding it to a comment here, only to find out you've already discovered it! The little Star Wars ones are too adorable.

  5. I've had the baby star wars pics bookmarked for months...I'm already planning baby #2s nursery, since the hubs just got back from Afghanistan. Lol.

  6. Thanks for sharing! I looooove (good) fanart!!

  7. I've loved Gorgonist for a long time. I especially love the Peter Pan stuff because my family LOVES all versions of that story. My brother (31) is still convinced he is Peter Pan.

  8. These are fantastic! If you like art like this, there's a book called "The Art of the Disney Princess" I saw at Disneyland this weekend, and it's filled with gorgeous artwork like the things you posted, including great Art Nouveau pieces.

  9. Check out the book "The Art of the Disney Princess" - it has fabulous artwork like the ones you've posted, including quite a bit of Art Nouveau style. These that you posted are fantastic!

  10. All so awesome.

    My sister has been doing the art nouveau style lately. She uses dogs as her main subject lately though.

    This is one painting she did recently:

    This was another one that a friend had commissioned from her:

  11. I NEED that Doctor Who pic...kinda wish he'd made it with the 10th Doctor though. But who am I to complain it's The Doctor done in Art Nouveau that's enough for me!

  12. I love the last "fancy dress" one. If I have a little girl, that may just have to be hung up in her nursery!

  13. My sister is doing a series of the Disney Princesses as evil. Right now, her art is my favorite.

  14. I am going to pass out because Megan Lara has a Carl Sagan Katamari t-shirt. Carl Sagan (even though he's dead) is my #2 celebrity crush, and Katamari IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO GAME!

  15. A high school buddy of mine is also re-imagining Disney girls as evil. He's got the series, 'Twisted Princess' on his blog:


    Esmerelda is the most recent.

    It's also had a bit of media attention the past few months from nerdy sites. Check it out!

  16. @Wicked, Do you have a link? I'd love to see the Disney Princesses as evil!

  17. Hey Erica! Got your Art Nouveau Tenth Doctor right here!


  18. I'm loving the first "fancy dress" picture also.
    @Giana: Those 2 dresses are actually fashioned after the Katamari game. I've played that game for hours with my teenage son. Love it!!

  19. Wow, these are sooooo awesome!!! I need to start a geeky art wall in my house!

  20. Jen I don't know if you've featured these before, but I think you'll really like them.

  21. LOVE the Disney Princesses art. And YAY! I've been looking for some unusual fan art of Tim Burton stuff for my new office design, so that Edward Scissorhands is PERFECT! Thank you!

    Ironically, my WV is dress! :)

  22. Do a quick search for Disney Princesses fan art and look what you find!

    Steampunk Princesses! I LOVE Mulan's glasses!

  23. I've actually met Robin (The Gorgonist) personally, at the Asian Celebration (of all places) in Eugene. I own a print and some necklaces and pins of her art. I adore her! She was really tolerant with my constant returning to stare at the things in her shop that I couldn't afford. I hope everybody buys some of her work. But save some for me!

  24. Check this blog about Disney art, there's some very pretty art nouveau princesses!

  25. its a small world! i went to high school with the artist of the first drawing in this post!!

  26. You have to check out katiecandraw.com! She makes basically he cutest nerd art EVER.

  27. Wowza!! Megan Lara (of the Art Nouveau Princess Peach) is only 21 years old!! That makes it even more awesome!

  28. I love love love the Peach Nouveau t-shirt. Am currently trying to persuade the boyfriend to purchase that and the Zelda one for me :p.

  29. SO many of these prints need to be submitted to Teefury.com to made into t shirts! I LOVE the R2D2 sandbox one! AND the Doctor Who!

  30. This entire post is made of win <3 I love seeing reinterpretations of characters.

  31. So, I bought the Little Mermaid print, and it just arrived and I got it framed, and it looks wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely things.

  32. Somehow I am just finding this blog after reading Cake Wrecks for ages. My bad. :)

    I saw Megan Lara's Firefly series a while ago and I WANT THEM. :) I even Pinned them so I could find 'em again. :)

    Thanks for such a fun blog!! I read your accounts of D*Con and drooled. Trying to convince the Hubby he wants to go this year as we are only 45 mins away!! :)


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