Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Steampunk Fashion Show

The Dragon*Con steampunk fashion show was scheduled to last for 2.5 hours. I'm guessing this was a typo, though, because it actually lasted about 15 minutes.

Then again, since it started an hour and a half late, maybe they figured it would all even out in the end. :)

Besides, I can't be too upset; it was a really fabulous 15 minutes.

The dapper master of ceremonies starts us off.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Steampunk Exhibition

Like many things at Dragon*Con, the steampunk fashion show and exhibition were both pretty poorly planned. They were booked both at the same time and the same room, which resulted in one gigantic line snaking down two floors of the hotel, and made up of folks planning to attend one or the other (or in my case, both). After an hour or so, they separated us into two lines: one for each event. Initially we stayed in the fashion show line, figuring we'd be seated fairly quickly. When I realized they wouldn't be letting us in the room until the Exhibition wrapped, though, we went to check that out - about 10 minutes before they shut the whole room down. :(

So, here are the few shots I managed to get of the Exhibition before we had to leave. My biggest regret of the whole weekend was that I didn't get more time in there, because the things we did get to see were simply amaaaazing.

A great shot of steampunk Glinda's costume. In this light I realized that the top of her bodice almost looks like it's been soaked through with blood, and the shreds and tatters look like drips. A bit morbid, sure, but beautifully done.

Here's the Tin Man:

I amended my last post to include this, but again, I believe this is the actual costume used in Heartless, The Story of the Tin Man. Be sure to check it out; it's a great short film.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dragon*Con Costume Gallery #3

My last batch of D*C costume photos. Enjoy!

He made the gun himself!

Me: [checking picture on camera] "Awesome."
Him: "I know I am, thanks."

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dragon*Con Steampunk Gallery

Rather than mixing these in with my other costume posts, I figured I'd showcase all of the best steampunk costumes I found here. That way, if you're sick of steampunk, you can just skip this one. (And also the steampunk fashion show post, and steampunk exhibition post. Heh.)

I have two sets of steampunked Wizard of Oz cosplay to show you. Here's the first:

Glinda's crown was pretty awesome, and the flying monkey was wearing a rocket pack.

Here they're joined by two more "friends":

Gorgeously done military/stewardess uniform:

She made it herself. Check out the pretty bustle:

This next guy on the right was huge, and his costume had so much going on it was hard to take it all in:

And the guy on the left is a steampunked Hellboy? Maybe?

I'm sure it will shock absolutely none of you to learn that John reeeeally liked this girl's outfit:

(Sorry for the blur.)
We overheard her saying she made the leg covers from a skirt.

This gal had a whole bird on her head, and a birdcage hanging from her belt.

This was taken at the steampunk ball, which unfortunately was so dark and crowded that I got very few useful pictures. (Boo.)

And finally, my favorite of the whole con: the ultimate steampunked/post-apocalyptic Wizard of Oz cast:

I don't have particularly good photos of these guys, so what I lack in quality I'll try to make up for with quantity. Heh.

Here's a shot with the flash on:

"Lion" is the same guy who is usually steampunk Boba Fett. (Turns out his name is John Strangeway. He and several more in this group [if not all] work for Penny Dreadful Productions. Check their site for lots more steampunk goodies!)

The girl on the floor is Dorothy; in her lap is a little stuffed Toto. I love that she's wearing red booties for her "ruby slippers."

The Wicked Witch's metal corset was amaaaazing:

As was Glinda's dress. You'll see better shots of it in my steampunk exhibition post; they had it and the Tin Man costume on display there.

The flying monkey is decked out in an aviator cap n' goggles and a Rocketeer-style jetpack. The scarecrow is a zombie scarecrow, because, as they pointed out, what did Scarecrow want? That's right: Braaaiiins. *giggle*

UPDATE: I believe the Tin Man suit is the same one used in the short movie Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man. (I overheard the suit makers mentioning a movie.) It's a gorgeous film, and only about 20 minutes long, so definitely go see it when you can.

The group later moved downstairs, so I tried again there with the flash:

And there you have it! Between this group and the steampunked X Men who won the costume contest, you could say that steampunk really ruled the con.

I didn't manage to photograph the X Men myself, but here's a photo by Daniel Valdez (who is the guy in the chair):

Oh! Wait; actually, I *do* have a photo of Rogue from last year:

I just didn't know who she was at the time. :)

You may recognize Daniel's wheelchair; it's quite famous here on the internets. If you *haven't* seen it before, though, then definitely watch this:

So. Amazing.

If you're not sick of steampunk yet, then you're going to love my fashion show and exhibition posts, which will go up after my next costume gallery. So, be sure to check back!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dragon*Con Costume Gallery #2

I tell you what, my friends: hunting costumes at Dragon*Con is a full-contact sport, requiring patience, speed, agility, balance, and the ability to squirm through tiny spaces created by large drunken people.

Fortunately for you guys, [smirk], I have all of those things.


John de Lancie would be proud.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Dragon*Con Parade, Pt2

Enter the steampunks!

This is the same steampunk Boba we saw at the Star Wars Celebration. (I really should have gotten his name; nice guy.) He and his group also made what I think were the best costumes at the entire con. Stay tuned for pics of those.

The Dragon*Con Parade, Pt 1

The Dragon*Con parade took nearly an hour to walk/drive/stagger by us Saturday morning, so these photos obviously don't include everything or everyone. Even so, I think there's plenty here to satisfy any geek parade craving.

Classic Batman had a stuffed shark attached to his leg. Heh. Aheh.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Our first day at Dragon*Con had me and John hopping to three panels in a row, so I didn't have as much time for costume hunting as I would have liked. I still got plenty of doozies, though, so I can't *wait* to see what Saturday and Sunday bring.

And speaking of those panels, I'll start you off with a few pics of Eddie & Saul from Warehouse 13:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

And Now, A Musical Interlude

John and I are about to hit the road for Dragon*Con here in a few minutes, but first, let's all take a little moment with Kirk. And his mountain.

I think this is going to be our road trip's theme song.

Oh, and thank you, whoever it was among you who reminded me of this song in the comments recently. I'll be thinking of you during hour #7 of our drive while I'm singing, "Captain Kirk is climbing the mountain why is he climbing the AAAUUUGGHHH!!!"

And for the rest of you: stay tuned for Dragon*Con goodness! (Wheee!)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

For some reason this past month has seen me showered - showered, I say! - with amazing goodies the likes of which I've never been showered. And it's all your fault. Yes, you guys.

Seriously, I've been writing CW for over two years now - with I think some success - but never once has a Wreckie surprised me with, say...



Saturday, August 28, 2010

Count Down to Dragon*Con!

Yikes! Can you believe Dragon*Con is NEXT WEEKEND?!?

[flailing] AAAUUUGGHHH!!!

I'm calm.

I'm collected.

I am a leaf...on the wind.


That's better. Now I can get back to panicking. (So. Much. To do!)

Now then, for you lucky few who will be joining us lucky masses pilgriming to Atlanta, be sure to watch my Twitter feed. Yep, we'll be playing "Find Jen And Win A Prize!" again this year, mostly because it's fun and because I haven't bothered to think of a snazzier name for it.

We'll also have a much wider variety of prizes this year, including: (drum roll, please)

- both Epbot and Cake Wrecks pins (CW pins will include "I want Sprinkles" and the always-popular "No Sexual Harassment" design)

- Carrot Jockey Necklaces - HEYO!

- PLUS, some brand new, not even in stores yet (unless you count the online ones) Cake Wrecks 2011 mini calendars!

- I'll probably also bring some custom bookplates, in case any of you'd like a personalized autograph.

To win a necklace or calendar you may need a word or phrase of the day, which I'll be divulging on Twitter. The rest, however, will be available to anyone who asks for them - until we run out.

And just to make things a little easier for you seekers, here are a few tips:

- I am NOT a morning person. Don't bother looking for me before noon. (Although I'll make an exception for Saturday's parade.)

- We'll be there all four days.

- We probably won't be in costume at any time. So just look for a shorty in pigtails. And John. And my parents, who you don't know, but I hear my mom will be wearing elf ears. ("You bought what?") So. Um. There's that.

- I'll be spending a disproportionately large amount of time gawking in Artist's Alley. And by proxy, so will John. :)

- We'll probably also be at some/all of the Stargate: Atlantis cast panels. (The only autograph I'm after? David Hewlett's. Awww yeeeah.)

So, keep an eye out for us, and I hope to see some of you there!

UPDATE: David Hewlett has just canceled for Dragon*Con. Please pass the tissues. [sniffle]

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Geek Glee

Visuals to make any geek grin.

"Well, hello there."

Found via @GreatWhiteSnark on geekPr0n

Cupcake on the brain?

By Sam Nielson

Remember that Lando shirt I bought during the Star Wars Celebration? Well, John also got a shirt. This one:

Yes, it's a Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch shirt.

The instructions are on the back:


And speaking of which (only not the kind that weighs the same as a duck), Brandon Hardesty is currently re-enacting Monty Python and the Holy Grail - by himself - in short video snippets. And yes, it is positively brimming with geek glee:

Ah, that's good stuff.

So, have you guys seen anything especially geeky/gleeful this week? Share and link in the comments!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Captain EO Would Be Proud

When we were at Black Market Minerals on Saturday, I managed to convince John that we should buy matching iridescent hematite rings:

Ooooh. Preeeetty.

I told him we can wear them as wedding bands whenever we go to Disney, because they're totally Captain EO:

Am I right, or am I right?

And, since he had just purchased that knife a few minutes earlier, I guess John decided to humor me. Which is another reason why I love him. (Back off, ladies & gents; he's mine!) I even noticed him wearing it when we went out the other night. :D

Oh, but you know what makes these rings even better?

They're magnetic!


Magnetic wedding rings: an attractive choice even for polar opposites.

Not bad for less than $10, right? ;)

Have any of you geeks ever worn a "cheap" or nontraditional alternative for a wedding ring? Or if not, would you?

Monday, August 23, 2010


Saturday John and I ventured out to a dead mall smack in the middle of tourist town, seeking entertainment, air conditioning, and a Black Market Minerals - though not necessarily in that order.

Dead malls are fascinating, aren't they? This one had maybe 30% occupancy, which meant you'd have to walk past seven or eight empty, boarded over storefronts to get to the lone Claire's or Gift Mart on the other side. And yet the mall itself was gorgeous - in such pristine condition, you'd swear they wrapped construction last week and not 10 years ago.

All it needs are some tumble weeds.

Anyway, when I stopped for a restroom break John wandered into one of those horrendously tacky tourist shops. You know, the ones that sell cheap fairy statues alongside Ninja throwing stars? Yeah. Those.

I found him a few minutes later chatting with the shop owner, a lovely older British lady, over an open knife case.

Now, despite the fact that John can sew better than I can, decorate a mean cake, and match duvet colors better than most designers, there are still times when I'm reminded that he is, after all, still a guy. This was one of those times. And given the choice, I suppose I'd rather he be admiring blades than cheap fairy statues anyway. So, you know, there's that.

When he saw me, John waved me over and asked the lady to show me "that one knife." I then had what I think was a switch blade handed to me.

John grinned impishly. "Now, push the button."


Ok, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "later, as Jen was having her finger re-attached in the ER..." Which, I must admit, would be nicely dramatic and somewhat hilarious (for you) at the same time. Fortunately, however, none of my blood was spilled that fateful evening.

None of MY blood.

So, now that I've both ruined the story and dropped some juicy foreshadowing, let's get back to it.


The switchblade-which-might-not-have-been-a-switchblade startled the heck out of me, but the nice British lady assured me you "only" needed a concealed weapon's permit to carry one. It also had handy sandpaper lining the sides, so you wouldn't lose your grip if your hands were wet. WITH BLOOD. Mwuahahahaaaa!!

Ok, so maybe she didn't say that last part.

Anyway, it was as the nice British lady was showing us another blade - one that was "spring-assisted" and therefore still NOT technically a switchblade - that the trouble began. As she was clicking it closed in the case, she "hmphed" slightly and looked at her finger.

You all know where this is going.

Or...maybe not.

She then removed another knife and began showing us that one, talking about the features and whatnot. (Btw, I love that knives have "features," but they never include "reeeeally pointy!!")

As the nice British lady went to close this second knife, she did a lovely dramatic flourish. I say "lovely" because it was a large, graceful arc. I say "dramatic" because at the apex of that graceful arc huge droplets of extremely dramatic blood rained down all over the glass counter top between us.

I'm talking droplets, people. When they hit the glass they made a sound.

Um. So...

Two things:

a) John tends to faint at the sight of blood.


The three of us stared at the counter in stunned silence for approximately .86 seconds, because that's how long it took me to realize what had just happened and what exactly the red raindrops were. I then gasped, backed into John, and expressed my concern for NBL's well-being with a courteous, "Holy CRAP!!"

Mental Note: In the future, try not to knock into someone who gets light-headed at the sight of blood.

John and I later agreed that if either of *us* had just sliced open a finger and rained blood down from on high, we'd probably take a wee break from the sales floor. You know, sit down a spell...maybe get a drink...or a bandage...

Not nice British lady, though. Nope. She just mopped up the counter with a tissue, wrapped her finger in the same tissue, and then assured us she did this all the time. She even pointed out - as the tissue rapidly soaked from white to red - that she hadn't felt the cut at all because the knife was so sharp. Yes, she was using her injury as a selling point. Talk about dedication! "See how clean this cut is? You won't get that with just any knife!"

In the end, John emerged victoriously conscious - if substantially paler - and the owner of (yes, really) a new knife. Not that knife, mind you - a different one. One that does NOT snap open, or have "spring-assists," or any other sudden moving parts. It's really just an emergency tool for the car: it has the window breaker and seatbelt cutter on it, in case we're ever in an accident.

Still, want to know the real reason John bought it? I mean, besides feeling guilty over nice British lady's blood loss?

It's bright anodized orange, so it matches our car.

And *that's* why I love my husband.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Office Update!

The good news? I'm back in my office again.

The less-than-good news?


Decisions, decisions.

Here's a progress pic:

I've started propping up my larger paintings and prints and whatnot on the desk, in a desperate attempt to figure out which ones I can't live without, and then how those pieces will clash least with my *other* can't-live-without bits.

Even Tigger is confused.

And let me tell you: until you've tried getting a Stay-Puft marshmallow man, a pastel fairy watercolor, and a red, orange, and blue Mickey Mouse painting to all "blend" together, you just don't realize how crazy my taste in art is. :D

Not that the art is the only thing left, though; John & I are actually only about 3/4 of the way finished with everything. He still has the doors for the desk cabinets to finish and re-hang, the closet doors to re-paint, and I have some vintage doorknobs to refinish and hang on the bookcase doors.

Which reminds me: Looky what I got!!
Yep, thanks to reader Laura's decision to sell me her ears knocker guy (thanks again, Laura!), I now have the set for my bookcase doors! Woohoo! I think they're going to look great over my art-nouveau patterned doorknobs, which we'll be using for the handles.

And then we also still have the smaller desktop to finish:

I'm not telling what we decided to do with it, yet - although I suppose you can tell from this shot that it's not going to be a plain glass top. Heh.

The cubbies on either side of it are slowly coming along: I'm changing out all the prints in the frames, and then streamlining some of the clutter.

Speaking of streamlining: as I'm going through my art, I'm discovering prints I've either never displayed - and so probably never will - or prints that I've had up so long that I'm tired of them. And you know what *that* means, right?


So, for your consideration, here's my first needs-a-new-home piece:

This is actually something I painted nearly 10 years ago. However, fine art it most definitely is not: it's just plain ol' acrylics on posterboard. Still, for any Pepe Le Pew fans out there, it's kinda cute. I've had it hanging (framed) through all of my office incarnations, so I'm ready for it to go on and make someone else smile now. The poster itself is 24 inches square, but as you can see you'd need a custom mat: approximately 19.5 by 21.

(I only ask that you not sell this, as it's not my original design; it's a copy of a cell I saw at a Warner Brother's store way back when. Since I abhor the thought of copied art being sold, please, don't.)

So...want it? Then leave me a comment, telling me why. I'll pick a winner at 7pm EST tonight, and will announce it here, in this post. So, either include a way for me to contact you in your comment, or check back at 7 EST, or watch Facebook for the announcement.

The give-away has ended; the winner is listed below!


UPDATE: Goodness, you guys do NOT make it easy to choose a winner! Srsly, I've been getting all misty-eyed over your stories and memories: so, so sweet. I only wish I had a dozen of these to give away!

Anyway, since this print does have a big "love potion" bottle in it, I decided to go with a couple who already loves Pepé & Penelope so much that they were on their wedding cake and champagne glasses. So, Tracy O., please e-mail me your address!

Also, Sonia with the WB-obsessed son? Please e-mail me, too. I may be able to cook something else up for your little guy. :D