Saturday, August 14, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V Day 2, Pt 2

Are you noticing that my posts are getting less and less wordy? Man, only halfway through, and I'm pooped!

Well, here's the second batch from day 2:

I have no idea who he is, but I certainly wasn't about to ask.

Even the back was awesome - lots of blinky lights.

Three bounty hunters discussing contracts, no doubt.

This is a large half-statue on a pillar.

Some of the things you see in the crowd:
I think this is actually a costume, but it looked pretty funny trussed up on the floor.

Oh, and I

caught up with steampunk Boba again today!

Really nice guy. When we asked him if he does other steampunk stuff, he rattled off a whole list of conventions and events all over the U.S., including Steam Con (?), which apparently is held in November in Seattle. John's eyes lit up, and he announced that we're going. (We've been wanting to visit Seattle again since the first book tour, when we only got to stay for a grand total of 13 hours.) guess we're going to Seattle this November?

Anyway, here's a close-up of his helmet and arm brace:

Off the main floor of the con is the Droid room, which is full of cool photo vignettes and, of course, droids:

That's a lot of droids.
They're also lining all the walls - this was just the center area.

And the best part? They're all fan-made. Every single one!

There are lots of fun variations.

Reminds me of Captain EO. :D

This nasty little guy keeps an eye on things:

And another awesome vignette:

C3PO has lights in his arm and leg that blink and twinkle.

In another room there are lots of costumed mannequins displayed:

Since there are so many *people* dressed in these outfits, too, though, this gets a little unnerving. Case in point: we ran into this guy later on:

I bet he goes into the mannequin room just to mess with people. (I would!)

Aren't you a little tall for a Jawa?

And finally, a storm trooper Mexican wrestler:

Yep. Pretty sure there's not much that can follow this.

Star Wars Celebration V Day 2, Pt 1

Friday the 13th was a super late day for us, so we only caught the last few hours of the con. Surprisingly, the crowds were about the same as Thursday, and there weren't as many people in costume. I still found some doozies, though:

A Friday the 13th Storm Trooper. Kinda.

This guy was scarier, though:
The emperor here was creepily polite, if such a thing is possible.
I'm not sure the guy behind him is buying it, though.

Well, um...There's that.

This will give you an idea of the size of the main floor:

This was taken from the second floor overlook. The big open area on the floor is the divide between the food court and all the merchandise aisles.

More great photo spots - although I don't think you can sit in this one.

More large-scale decorations throughout the center.

Complete with "Droid on board" yellow bumper tag. :)

Leia looks less than impressed.

And speaking of Leia, check out these perfect buns!

That's her real hair! Awesome.

It was especially cold in the hall today, which resulted in at least one slave Leia in a sweatshirt:

Pimp Vader & Fett from Comic Con were even here:

What up, playahs?

Ok, who wants to see some cute kids?!?

So young. So angry. Darn that rap music.

I've been having way too much fun mentally filling in thought bubbles on these next ones:

I'll let you come up with your own version. :D

These are *not* kids, but they're kid costumes:

I hadn't heard of this organization before, but it sounds awesome.

Then there's this adorable little Wookiee:

And now with his head on:

So. Cute.

And speaking of cuteness, I've been able to resist spending money on everything so far except Katie Cook's original art cards (well, and that Lando shirt. I finally caved.)

Are these not totally swoon-worthy?!? I may be going back for more. I can't help it.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V Day 1, Pt 2

More Star Wars goodness, comin' right up!

And since my first post didn't have any sexiness, I'm going to overcompensate and start you off with a little slave Leia action here:

See how the Leia on the right is *totally* making eyes at me? Yep. I know a girl crush when I see one - that's all I'm saying. And right in front of John, even! *tsk tsk*

And in case you were wondering, here's a close-up so you can see that, yes, the blonde's boobies really are popping out of her bra:

Helloooo, ladies.

There are actually two life-size Jabbas on the floor. The non-Leia festooned one is a really nice photo set, complete with both costumed and mannequin characters sitting around tables.

Sometimes it's hard to tell which are people and which are mannequins.

Well, until one of the "mannequins" moves, that is.

This Jawa got me a few times:

A bevy of bounty hunters.

(Click the photos for larger, clearer images)

This is Lindsay, a Cake Wrecks reader. When she tweeted that she'd like me to sign her book at the con, I jokingly told her to bring a cake. So...she did. It was a great Wreck, too, complete with Star Wars toys smashed in the icing blobs. Heh. (And before you ask: no, I didn't eat it. I left that dubious honor/risk to her.)

Hey, look! Non-licensed Disney characters!

More cuteness:

There's gotta be one at every con:

I just wish he was wearing Mickey ears.

With hair like this, you know I chased these two down for a photo.

Love the embroidery on the burgundy one.

Someone called this girl "Booba Fett."
That works.

This kid was great:
The details on his costume were really well made - and he wore sunglasses under the mask to make the eyes black and shiny. Clever!

One of the stranger sights of the day:

I'm assuming she was recreating the Luke-in-the-Tauntaun scene? The head was eerily realistic: the eyes even blinked. When we came back a few hours later the whole thing was gone, though.

Lots of R2's around:

The kid in the background is the operator.

This lovely lady got a lot of attention:

I think it might have had something to do with the rear view, though:

By the way, I love taking pictures of sexy girls at cons; it's hilarious how every guy in the area suddenly snaps to attention. Heh. As a girl I can also ask, "Can I get a picture of the back?" without seeming excessively creepy - which makes the guys taking pictures from 20 feet away totally jealous. :D

Oh, and that brings me to the famous Wampa gal:

She had plenty of guys following her - casually, of course, like they just happened to be going in that direction anyway, and the fact that most of her cheeks were feelin' the breeze had *nothing* to do with it - so when I asked for her photo, and she literally "rawr"ed for the camera while making cute little shimmy motions, I swear 30 jaws hit the floor. You're welcome, gentlemen.

And finally, my favorite of the day:

Steampunk Boba.

Awww yeeeah.

Oh, I almost forgot: Remember those two crazy characters from my last post? Well, mind your volume, excuse my cackling and nausea-inducing camera work, and check this out:


I almost hate to spoil this by telling you that these two are professional actors, but...they are. They're "street-mosphere" cast members from Disney, out to promote the Star Wars special party at Disney Hollywood Studios Saturday night. You'd never know it if you weren't really familiar with DHS, though - and didn't happen to spot their handler with the Disney name tag. ;)